Pain Cream



Ingredients: Amanita Muscaria oil, CBD Flower oil, Castor oil, 24K Gold oil, Clove Essential oil, Peppermint Essential oil, Camphor Essential oil, Bees wax

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This simple yet powerful cream is designed to penetrate muscle contraction from stiff or pulled muscles while permeating into the body to ease and heal tissue, nerve and arthritic pain.  Upon preliminary feedback it also seems to grant feelings of well being and emotional regulation. 

It has also been used with abdominal transdermal application to ease stomach and gut complaints. Also used as scalp oil to stimulate health and hair growth.

Please keep a record of use and let me know how you get on. 

Made on ancient sacred land, channelled with knowledge into existence to aid the body, heart, mind and soul.  

All ingredients are organic sourced or wild foraged from ancient woodlands in UK, Altay Region, and Siberia. 

**** A little goes a long way. Massage thoroughly into areas of pain.****

**** For topical use only.****



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