The Iconic and Healing Fly Agaric

The iconic red with white spotted mushroom, the Fly Agaric or Amanita Muscaria (in latin), has influenced cultures across North America throughout Europe and across Asia.

This highly revered, healing, initiatory mushroom is very different from other entheogens and psychedelics, such as psilocybin.  It’s alkaloids have adaptogenic GABA and acetylcholine responsive compounds which work with your brain and whole autonomic nervous system (ANS) via your endocrine – gonadal axis through your ANS and all your major organs which works along the gut brain axis. 

Unlike the tryptamine family which works singularly with the serotonin and dopamine neuromodulations, the Fly Agaric is a GABAergic, glutamate system, and Muscarinic agonist which is more subtle and wider acting. 

Getting Started

So you’ve come across one of these beautiful mushrooms or you’ve had a dream or you’ve heard about it’s medicinal effects and you’re wondering

“How do I start? Aren’t these poisonous?”

The short answer is “No” they are not poisons any more than paracetamol or nutmeg, both of which can land you in the hospital with life threatening issues.

My point is it’s ALL ABOUT THE DOSE.

To begin with you want to make sure you 100% know what you are consuming. After that, if you are wild harvesting you must know the proper ways to store and preserve these mushrooms. After this, I recommend getting to know the mushroom as a medicinal ally in small amounts called by the modern world, micro dosing. 

Micro Dosing with A.Muscaria is different from other mushrooms in that it needs to build up in your system to work effectively and therefore .5 – 1 dried gram or equivalent for a minimum of 14 days recommended for 90days is an entry protocol for the average person’s healing benefit. If you have health complications that amount can vary. 

Please contact with any questions. 

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