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What a joy you’ve found your way here. Join me on an adventure to remember who you fully are beyond all fears and limitations to remember your magical self fully.  Are you ready to live a life full of love and connection while experiencing everything you ever wished for?

Aligning your mind, body, and emotions with your energetic bodies helps to open your awareness and perceptions of what is possible.  Your spiritual powers are waiting for you to simply remember and reclaim all you are on the path of becoming whole. We shut down when we experience fear, trauma, pain, sadness, and anger which can manifest as physical illness, lack of focus and other issues. Miracles happen when you remember who you truly are!

As a talented psychic, healer, soul artist and teacher I help bring balance and presence to all of you: mental, emotional, physical and all energy bodies in order to heal, over come fears and make dreams a reality. I can help shine a light on 

Looking forward to guiding your healing journey

With Love and Magical Blessings,


Learn about this powerful healing mushroom who was revered in ancient times for its healing, detoxifying, strengthening and divinatory, mystic properties. Depending on how it was used.  Engaged your mind, body, emotions and imagination to powerfully connect and heal with this mushroom medicine. 

Are you looking for someone to help you magically experience life and heal from past pain or heal yourself and prepare your body to give birth? Are you interested in bring some natural magic and wonder to your event or party?  

I can help you turn on the magic in your life and party!  

Book a 15 min free call to find out more. 

Tantric ReBirthing: Healing Birth Trauma

Services Offered


With Avi Esther

1-1 Sessions can Assist and Heal the following

"Presence is the magic which heals all ailments"

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Avi Esther is a trained and very experienced trauma informed transformational guide, psychic, and metaphysical healer. With certifications in hypnosis, NLP, creative healing technique, tantra, birth doula, rebirther, ancestral healer, earth wisdoms and psychic development teacher. 

She has helped thousands of magical beings heal and transform their lives, stepping onto the path of their purpose and powerfully live it! 

Since childhood she has had regular paranormal experiences with spirits, elementals, extra terrestrials as well as performed spontaneous miraculous healings.

Studying tarot and mystic arts since 2000 and working as complimentary childbirth coach since 2006. She has studied and worked in dance, performing & fine art, digital & video arts since 1990 and received a Bachelors in Communication Arts and Design 2005.


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