Micro Dosing & Private Journey Retreat


Amanita muscaria is a power medicine to journey with. It has been used for thousands of years as an initiatory medicine for filidhs (an elite class of poets in Celtic cultures) druids, Northern Eurasian Shamans, Mayan Priestesses and other spiritual leaders of the ancient communities world wide.  Amanita muscaria is highly recommended to micro dose with as a preparation and integration medicine in conjunction with other psychedelic. I do not endorse or sell anything illegal but am happy to share clinical and high population resourced anecdotal studies which support all information I share.

This experience includes a 1 month micro dosing supplement sent via mail and a higher dose journey experience, 1 preparation and 1 integration call on zoom, over night accommodation, food, support, guidance, music, meditations, energy work, and indoor/outdoor activities in the New Forest National Park. An introductory call is mandatory to assess the appropriateness of working together.

If you would like to experience a supported journey with this mushroom but are concerned about the possible physical symptoms including intense emotional fears clearing (shadow transformation), vomiting, loss of smooth muscle control, excessive salivation, intense somatic sensations (including bliss), deep dream sleep and awareness of the otherworld (including spirits) which can all happen with larger flood doses and would like a guide who can help you navigate this, then please inquire with your interest for an intake conversation.

Please note that when properly prepared the vomiting and loss of smooth muscle control is unlikely to occur and if they do I have atropine based herbs and processes to ease those issues to move you through the experience. Working with this mushroom can have truly magical, life changing and profound effects. Happy to offer discount for small groups up to 3 people.

There is a lot of stigma around this divine mycorrhizal fungus. Avi Esther has been facilitating the journey of childbirth and personal rebirthing since 2010. She has been working with the Amanita Muscaria mushroom for over 4 years and other healing herbs for over ten years. She has discovered ways to optimise Fly Agaric’s symbiotic, healing and magical nature for medicinal use physically, emotionally and mentally. ¬†



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