Becoming Masters of Calm


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Join Avi-Esther and Laura Mitchell for a 9 weeks virtual course starting on:

The Procession of the Equinox, Monday 21 March 2022  from  20.30 – 22.30 GMT 

Spanning many auspicious dates and using scientifically backed models we have laid out a course which mimics the natural process of human transformation and growth.

All live sessions will be recorded for those who miss sessions as well as for those who want to replay the meditations, practices and experiences again. Workbooks, prerecording, sound journeys and more are given with this course for at home full emersion in the course materials for the duration of 2022.

The 9 weeks are curated to give you practices to settle anxiety and help navigate life in greater ease. 

In this unprecedented time of Covid there is a greater rise in personal and social anxiety, depression and uncertainty which needs extra support. This course will help you to process current and buried feelings while supporting you into a place of acceptance and solution focussed action. 

First whether you sign up or not, please let yourself off the hook for feeling anxious.

Given everything that has happened in the last two years, it is completely understandable to not know how to deal with the constant uncertainties in our current world. There are different levels to managing anxiety and the first and most important step is understanding where you are in spectrum from a totally anxious wreck to a master of calm. You can take a self-assessment here.

What can this course do for you? 

Once you have an honest assessment of where you are on the anxiety spectrum remember that becoming a master of calm utilising the tools and skill you learn in this program is a broader journey with a few stages.

  1. The first step is becoming aware you have a problem and wanting to fix it.
  2. The next is noticing when you’ve just had that problem and praising yourself for being able to see it.
  3. Next step, noticing while you’re having the problem.
  4. Then finally before you have the problem.
  5. One day you’ll remember when you used to have that problem and realise (and hopefully celebrate) your growth and success in over coming the problems you are experiencing today. 

We encourage all of you to praise yourself for noticing each step, because awareness with positive reinforcement is key in fulfilling your intention of becoming a Master of Calm. 


Manage your feelings of anxiety regardless of what’s happening, so you are easily able to feel calm every day, no matter what!


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