ReParenting You Workshop


28 October 2023

@Awakened Group CIC Wimborne, UK

“Ideal-Parent” Therapeutic Process for neural rewiring trauma for somatic emotional well-being.

When children are born with two deeply connected, trusting, loving parents in  pleasure as a continuum of their conception, they remember who they are. 

When we heal our primary parental and birth trauma, we remember who we are.

The knowledge of the conception (SEX) to birth continuum is steadily becoming as common as the gut-brain axis language within the field of embryology professionals. 

Conception is the origin of every cell of our bodies, the foundation for the whole of our lives. When we understand the power of the imprint of our conception to the point of our parent’s discovery of us, we are able to understand the subsequent patterns of our lives.  With the reimprinting of these primary relationships and experiences, we become empowered to consciously choose the aligned harmonious, supportive relationships with ourselves and others.

The first step in this embodied awareness is feeling safe and supported enough to making peace with any foundational trauma by creating new neurological (biophysical) pathways, which I call limbic imprint remapping. There are many ways to do this, one most powerful way is to employ shamanic techniques to re-experience your primary experiences and those who are at the foundation of every life, our ideal mother and ideal father so we can feel ideally loved, nurtured, empowered and supported.

With this new internal support, the ability to grieve, honour and release trauma enables us to find peace, joy and grants access to living life fully.


ReParenting You, is a 3hr workshop offers guided mediation and practices to create inner parents which are not necessarily connected to your birth parents, except for where you wish to invite aspects of them. This remapping experience will begin to shift the physiological imprints and help you to feel safe and supported. By somatically knowing this in your body, heart and mind you will be able to more easily invite the life you wish to experience.

When we feel safe, respected, honoured and loved we feel empowered to live with ease and grace and even pleasure. 

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