Native Wisdom Within Workshop


Story holder £100

5 places


Representative £30

10 places – Code: REP


Witness £15

10 places  – Code: WIT

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Available upon request, minimum 6 people to run workshop.

Would you like to meet the shaman within, to feel the unfelt, to explore the less taken path of learning from the rejected, hidden, never ‘seen and heard’ parts of our story?

We ask questions like “why do bad things happen to good people?”

What would it be like to see our lives as a continuum? In a bigger picture of life’s wisdom our family as a potential for love (vs pain) and our ‘self’ as an important component of these universal forces’ great mystery and expansion.

This ancestral shamanic ritual workshop is a space to compassionately touch and realign your place in our family forestwith this healing transformative process.

There are 3 main experiential parts in these rituals, the story holder, the representatives and witnesses. All those present are part of the healing transformative process for themselves and ancestors of this ancient shamanic ritual. The more present we are, the more powerful the personal healing impact.

We have time on the 28th October for 5 or 6 story holders for this event which will have at least 3 representatives per ritual. Each person’s ritual will last around an hour, a number of others will experience representing the ancestors, family and situations being named. Everyone else will be invited to be present to the unfolding ritual and see where it resonates within them.

We will have an opening ceremony and intention setting with a rooting practice to start with and a closing ceremony.

If you feel called to participate please book your spot here or send me an email.

Avi-Esther learned this method during a professional training in 2011 where she learned a Russian version of Shamanic Representational Self & Family Healing, which is as old as tribal communities. From around the world such processes have been practised and shared with their community for centuries. Since then she has facilitated many of these rituals for hundreds of people. Now bring this beautiful ritual to you using different techniques to help you tune into your body and translate the energies you’re feeling with more ease than one would expect. Together, as a collective, we will tap into the Wisdom of these old practices in order for each individual to experience the beauty & simplicity of a healing potential which lies deep within each of our own roots.

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