Yoni Cream


This soothing yet powerful cream is designed to nourish, heal and increase pleasure during sexual stimulation while permeating deep into you to bring any held emotions to the surface. It may increases sex drive in women and men. Increased sensation and having greater orgasmic experience for women and men. Ease of menstrual pain when applied pre menstrual and during menstruation when applied to belly button and lower abdomen. Ease of endometriosis symptoms and has science backed potential to help heal such issues.  Fertility increase potential which seems to positively effect sperm, ovum and uterus. 

Please keep a record of use and let me know how you get on. 

To use, scoop a pea sized amount onto your finger and massage into labia and clitoral hood before apply to internally to vagina and cervix. This cream is edible so safe to use in conjunction with oral sex. Please apply 15-20min before penetrative sex, during or before foreplay.  I recommend application in conjunction with foreplay ritual incorporating honouring and devotion to the divine feminine/ goddess embodiment you are and nature allies present in the cream… fun sacred role play.  

Please remember this cream can make you more fertile so if you do not wish to become pregnant please add a natural spermicide like neem seed oil. This product does not work with condoms as the oil will cause the latex to break. 

Made on ancient sacred land, channelled with knowledge into existence to aid the body, heart, mind and soul.  

All ingredients are organic sourced or wild foraged from ancient woodlands in UK, Altay Region, and Siberia. 

**** A little goes a long way. Massage thoroughly into skin.****

**** For topical use only.****

Ingredients: Amanita Muscaria oil, CBD Flower oil, Shea Butter, 24k Gold Oil

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