Beltane Detox & Reset: Awaken your Flourishing

WHEN: 10-12  May 2024

PREPARATION AND INTEGRATION: I offer 2 x 60m preparation calls during the 2 weeks leading up to the retreat, 2 x 60m online integration circles the 1st and 3rd weeks after the retreat.

Once attendees are confirmed, we will send out a poll to determine the best times for these sessions.

These will be virtual and facilitated over Zoom.


In the heart of the Ashdown Forest, Sussex, an off-grid, nature-based, wellness-inspiring space for us to connect deeply with ourselves and the Mythos of this work.

Conveniently located in between London and Brighton, this lovingly handcrafted space provides the comfort you need while staying on the land inclusive of a wild spa providing us with a totally unique nature immersion experience designed to rewild and reclaim your mind, body and spirit.

All food, drinks, and journey herbs will be provided.

COST: £1,133 – £2,222:  – we request that you pay the highest amount within your means, so as to subsidise those who require aid

A £555 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place in the circle. If you need to discuss costs or payment plans please reach out. Deposit link:

The remainder will be paid in-person with cash or deposited before the weekend.

Are you ready for a spring clean in your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies?

Amanita Muscaria is a powerful physical detoxifier, while supporting the emotional body in childlike wonder, where fear can be met with curiosity and your heart can be held in empowering ways which support the development of a healthy relationship with your ego.

Working with the Fly Agaric is very different from working with other herbs and mushrooms. The first evening we will have a welcome dose which is gentle and euphoric. We will have sharing and songs around a fire getting to know each other and building connections which will help establish feelings of safety for the larger dose journey on Saturday. Rather than being a visual journey experience, it helps you dive deeply into your psyche with strong somatic or physical sensations which encourage bravery and wonderment where fear and constriction once were. It helps the body to sweat and shake, while removing toxins with the emotional and psychological detox.

The beginning of May is celebrated throughout Indo-European cultures as a time of bountifulness and fertility. Where the strong healthy gods of the wild are reunited with the healthy blooming Green Goddess’ who become pregnant with their Future. So too you have the opportunity to detoxify, let go of what died through winter (the winters of your life) and turn over the soil of self ready for spring to bloom forth in you!

This retreat is curated to create a safe space for you to reset. Included is zoom preparation and integration sessions before and after the 3 day event guided by Avi Esther, mushroom/herb medicine ceremonies on the Friday and Saturday and an integration activities on Sunday, all set within an extraordinarily magical glade surrounded by carpets of bluebells.

This will be an intimate safe space for you to unravel in grace and find a new relationship with your strength and vitality.  Space is very limited so please RSVP please claim your spot by April 24th

A BIT ABOUT: Avi Esther, began learning to facilitate altered states of consciousness in 2010 with shamanic tantric practitioner training, followed by ‘Birth into Being’ facilitator training in 2011. She ran transformative workshops using breath and movement to induce trance and trained other practitioners to facilitate till 2017. She used these healing skills and knowledge to help prepare women and their partners for childbirth while assisting as a doula for many women in labour. She began facilitating mushroom ceremonies in 2017 by request from a group who witnessed her powerful facilitation skills.

By comparison to helping a panicking, pain-filled woman in labour; calm, find her centre and naturally birth a child as a psychedelic sacred rite of passage…. mushroom ceremonies are easy.

Since then she has guided many journeys for people, both with and without substances. She has researched chemistry and biological mechanisms, Searched out myths and stories from the old world to listen for the motifs of the sacraments she works with, Amanita Muscaria and its medicinal allies. So she understands how to honour the ancients of the land who worked with these entheogens along side the science and ethical practices. Through integration, Avi Esther, helps make the experience relevant and meaningful for each person and group by supporting their relationship with themselves and nature rather than putting her own “way” onto them.


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