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The cost is £3223 

The deposit is £555 , All Amanita Muscaria will be provided, a bottle of Earth Joy Tincture and a journal. Accommodation and food at the MIAM retreat is included.

More details and information are written below in the description. Please email any further questions related to this course.

Amanita Muscaria, Fly Agaric, is truly a catalyst and facilitator of profound deep healing work on every level. The introductory effects of Amanita Muscaria (AM) are very subtle.  To get overt profound effects, they require a relationship to be forged with before the deeper revelations are gifted to you.

Practically, this means that before journeying you must micro dose for a minimum of two weeks. To help you with this, I will send you suitable supplies prior to the events. This will be for two weeks of micro dosing as preparation and for integration after the weekend.

Microdosing works by building up of adaptogenic compounds on the GABA and M.Acetylcholine receptors in the brain/body. These have a cumulative effect reaching saturation at around two weeks of daily consumption at micro dose levels.

Lasting therapeutic effects occur after completion of the micro dosing course (approx 30-90 days).  This then enables greater amount of use to be considerably more enjoyable and easy as well being profoundly and overtly experienced within the body.  The subtle nature of these plants means that they are not for everyone.

Mystic Initiation with Amanita Muscaria For those of you wanting to build toward this heroic journey, zoom supported at home micro dosing and small/ moderate journeys with the in person initiation scheduled for Imbolc.

Please find the dates and course outline below:

5.12.22 zoom Introduction Opening Circle

why we have come : what we hope to achieve : meeting the mushroom spirit in guided meditation : the way of the nibble 

Different ways of Micro dosing and home journeying. 

19.12.22 zoom Winter Solstice Story of Cailleach, The White Queen of Winter 

5gr home journey sharing 

2.1.23 zoom New Beginnings In the Heart of Darkness 

5-10gr home journey sharing

16.1.23 zoom Speckled Snake, Brother of Birch

15gr home journey sharing

30.1.23 zoom Preparation for MI : Bride of Brightness and Mother of All Wisdom 

15-20gr home Journey sharing

3.2.23 -5.2.23 Mystic Initiation in Person Weekend 

40gr Journey 

13.2.23 zoom Integration – Live Sound healing and gentle movement  

27.23 zoom / in person Closing Ceremony 


All Amanita Muscaria will be provided, a bottle of Earth Joy Tincture, and a journal. 

Accommodation and food at the MIAM retreat is included 

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Mystic Initiation with AM

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