Amanita Muscaria Journeys


Spaces limited to 6 participants

With the deep honouring of All of the Ancestors, who helps us evolve, heal our bodies, our hearts and our minds, we invite those who are ready to take be guided with clarity, ease and integrity. 

When working with entheogens one must have the willingness, bravery and commitment to responsible action. Feeling safe and ready to dive deep within, guided my the entheogen and your biochemistry. Personal growth and self discipline require radical self-honesty to look at you all the ways you are not in balance with yourself while inviting you into balance, held in love. They help you heal and then test you to see if you are really ready to graduate to the different levels of  evolution and connection. They help to open doors of rooted awareness for those who are true, aligned and Ready.

We work with a combination of mushrooms and herbs to help facilitate going deeper on your physical, mental and emotional inner alignment for those who feel ready to go deeper on their path.

The weekend will be in a beautiful house in the New Forest National Park, UK. There will be medicinally intentioned home cooked food supplied, prepared with your dietary requirements considered, as well as delicious snacks to nourish your body and support your journey.

Please email to inquire about this being right for you and to send a 15%  direct deposit or PayPal deposit to hold your place.

Please email any questions including subsidiary prices from different income households or about anything related to theses retreats.


21+22 Oct

Dive inside detox your mind, heart and body with Amanita Muscaria

Heal past trauma somatically, emotionally and with mental patterns. 

Harm reduction training with alliance with EPIC a peer review psychedelic ethical organisation. 

Optimise Peek Performers can breakthrough to new horizons of your abilities.

This weekend sits between a solar and a lunar eclipses on days where Orionid meteor showers crown the sky. This is a powerful portal to dive into the shadows of our personality and our subconscious in supportive and incredibly healing ways with a focus on integration into your every day life.

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Mystic Initiation with AM

hold my place ****must meet prerequisite to be accepted on this retreat.


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