Deposit for Retreat Journeys


Please email to send a bank, cash app or PayPal deposit to hold your place.

The early bird price is £660 until the 22 Nov 2022. After which the full price is for all is £880.

Please email any questions about anything related to theses retreats.

Thank you for expressing interest in working with these beautiful sacred plantamals. They truly are a catalyst and facilitator of profound deep healing work on every level. The introductory effects of Amanita Muscaria (AM) are very subtle.  To get overt profound effects, they require a relationship to be forged with before the deeper revelations are gifted to you.

Practically, this means that before journeying you must micro dose for a minimum of two weeks. To help you with this, I will send you suitable supplies prior to the events. This will be for two weeks of micro dosing as preparation and for integration after the weekend.

Microdosing works by building up of adaptogenic compounds on the GABA and M.Acetylcholine receptors in the brain. These have a cumulative effect reaching saturation at around two weeks of daily consumption at micro dose levels.

Lasting therapeutic effects occur after completion of the micro dosing course (approx 30-90 days).  This then enables greater amount of use to be considerably more enjoyable and easy as well being profoundly and overtly experienced within the body.  The subtle nature of these plants means that they are not for everyone.

The Symbiosis Journey Weekend is for those that would prefer a more classic deep dive into meditative altered states, where we access greater serotonergic receptor responses. This mix acts as a bridge between the subtle nuances experience and the more overt spiritual psychedelic experiences that such symbiotic practices can entail.

The early bird price is £660 until the 22 Nov 2022.

After which the full price is for all is £880 Includes:

Journey Prep micro dosing 14days + Integration micro dosing (sent in mail)


Welcoming Arriving in the evening

Group welcome circle and activities



Stretching morning meditation 

Nature walk

Afternoon intention circle

Amanita Muscaria ceremony

ecstatic dance journey

Other Mushroom Journey  6-8hrs


Stretching morning meditation 

Amanita Muscaria integration 

Sharing circle 

Free afternoon 

Leaving early afternoon 


Online Container

hold my place

Mystic Initiation with AM

hold my place ****must meet prerequisite to be accepted on this retreat.


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