Amanita Muscaria Tantric Ceremony


Come fill up your radiance and joy while expanding your wisdom and skill with easy methods you can implement into your life and work.

We will dive into our sensuality with dance, sensual touch and connection with self and others in alignment with the Imbolc Goddess Brigid of wisdom, poetry, healing and protection.

Together with the five wisdom dakinis we will be offering Purification • Anointing • Amanita Muscaria Sacrament Ritual, followed by guided tantric practices and an integration freetime afterwards.

Please wear comfortable clothing that you feel sexy in.  We recommend wearing one of these colours white, yellow, red, blue, and green. You may want to bring a journal to write in to help integrate or help remember something while it’s fresh in your experiential awareness. 

If you wish to spend the night we can accommodate 4-6 people for an additional charge.

Please let us know if you have any allergies so we can provide food you can eat. 

We do offer a £50 discount for those on a low income, please email to request.

Freya Rose Birch

Freya lives in Glastonbury Avalon. She is the creator of a modality called Transformational Recoding, supporting clients to move beyond repeating patterns in their life and live a life of pleasure, joy and fulfilment.

Freya has a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology with a focus on trauma and the body. Freya has expertise in sacred ritual and ceremony, as well as guiding people through trauma and grief.

Avi Esther

Facilitating altered states of consciousness since 2010 as a Tantric Practitioner, followed as a ‘Birth Into Being’ facilitator in 2011. Avi Esther runs transformative workshops using breath and movement to induce trance and train practitioners, and in 2017 began to facilitate mushroom journeys.

Avi Esther’s current focus is on Amanita Muscaria and its medicinal allies, to understand how to honourably work with the ancients of the land in an integrated modern approach.



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